God is Forgiving and Affectionate

  • Posted on: 21 August 2014
  • By: Jordan

“…Though you have left me and married many lovers, yet I have invited you to come to me again…. …Israel has worshipped other gods on every hill…. I thought that someday she would return to me and once again be mine; but she didn’t come back. Therefore, go and say to Israel, …‘Come home to me again…. …Confess that you refused to follow me. O sinful children, come home, for I am your Master, and I will bring you again to the land of Israel… and give you leaders after my own heart…. …O my rebellious children, come back to me again and I will heal you from your sins.’ And they reply: ‘Yes, we will come, for you are the Lord our God. We are weary of worshiping idols on the hills…. It is all a farce. Only in the Lord our God can Israel ever find her help and her salvation….” (Jer 3:1, 6-7, 12-15, 21-25, NLT).

Bro. Graham F. Watts, Sr.