God's Love is Unmerited

  • Posted on: 31 August 2014
  • By: Jordan

“When we were utterly helpless, …Christ… died for us, sinners, who had no use for Him. …He did all this for us as sinners; [therefore], how much more will He do for us now that… we were brought back to God by the death of His son. What blessing He must have for us now that we are His friends and He is living with us” (Rom 5:6-11, TLB)! “Because of His kindness, you have been saved through trusting Christ. And even trusting is not of yourselves; it too is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good we have done, so none of us can take any credit for it. It is God himself who has made us what we are and given us new lives from Christ Jesus; and long ages ago He planned that we should spend these lives in helping others” (Eph 2:8-10, TLB). “You are to be perfect…” (Matt 5:48, TLB) and love like God loves.

Bro. Graham F. Watts, Sr.